Simple logic puzzles for inquisitive minds that can be solved with the whole family!

Website loves puzzles! We had them for an entire collection, and meet the fresh release of fun activities for inquiring minds. Where did the empty square? Four parts of a triangle, painted in four different colors were rearranged. Where did the empty square?


Hint: it's not an optical illusion. If you print the puzzle, cut out all the pieces and put them in the same way as in the picture, you will get the same result.

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Four gallons you Have two measuring device: one three gallon and one five gallon. You want to weigh 4 gallon.

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The islanders Have two beautiful, but distant from other Islands in the South Pacific. The Islander with the first island always tell the truth and the islanders always lie with the second.

You are on an island and you meet three islanders. You ask the first which island they are, and he says that the other two islanders — from Islands. You asked the same question a second Islander and he responds in the same way as the first.

That will answer the third Islander, if he ask the same question?

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A five gallon You mix the cement according to the instructions, you need five gallons of water. You have a watering hose, with which you can gain plenty of water. The problem is that you have only one bucket is 4 gallons, and one bucket is 7 gallons and no scale division. Find a way to earn 5 gallons.

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Two lines you Have two threads, the only known common feature of which is that if you burn the thread at one end, both threads fully will burn for one hour. Burning unevenly and thread are not the same.

How to use these threads to measure 45 minutes?

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Cuba On the office table businessman is two cube. Every day he puts them in such a way that the front sides of both cubes has shaped the current day of the month.

What are the numbers depicted on the sides of both cubes?

Note: you cannot specify the date using only one cube (for example, with a single "7"). You have to use both cubes (the 7th number is "07").

Hint: the numbers 1 and 2 must be present on both cubes (11 & 22). So both should be another number. 6=9 in the coup.

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Bank with beans In the Bank is 75 white beans and 150 black beans. Next to the jar is a big pile of black beans.

Brand went to the cook gets a bean from the jar to go according to the following rule: every time he pulls out two banks of random beans. If at least one of the beans is black, he places it in a pile of black beans and the second bean throws (no matter what color it is) back into the jar. If both beans are white, he throws them, and puts one black bean from the pile of black beans in the jar with the beans.

Every time he repeats this procedure at the Bank remains one bean less. In the end, the Bank has only one bean. What color is it?

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Dove Two friends meet and decide to get each other on motorcycles. They go to meet each other and plan to meet halfway. Each of them travels with a speed of 6 miles per hour. They live at a distance of 36 miles apart. One of them has a pigeon, and this pigeon takes off in the same moment when friends start moving. The pigeon flies back and forth between two friends at a speed of 18 miles per hour as long as they do not meet.

How many miles flying pigeon for all this time?

Hint: bullet dove instantly picks up speed from 0 to 18. He also instantly takes place.

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Lamps In the upstairs room there is a lamp (it currently is off). You are at the bottom, standing in front panel with three switches, all in position "off". One of the switches is a switch from the lamp at the top. The other two switch doing nothing. You must determine which switch controls the bulb upstairs, with some restrictions.

You can flip the switches as you like, whether it's on or off. After you get the switches you can go up and see if the lamp. You can't see the light bulb from where you initially stand. Go upstairs only once. Lamp located on the ceiling and you have a ladder. You giant mutant with tentacles instead of hands, so stairs will not be necessary. So, you clicked the switches, went upstairs and checked the lamp and immediately realized what kind of switches it controls.

How did you do it?

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