Mini-nuclear reactors can be based on the energy of England

The researchers put together a coherent plan of implementation of the program to launch the first modular reactors in the UK, which by 2030 will have to be the clean energy of the country. An important part of this plan — the relations between commercial organizations, government and regulators, without which, scientists believe, the initiative is doomed to failure.

Last year the UK government announced a grant of £250 million for the development of nuclear energy, including the construction of private modular, ASM. The first phase of the project started already in March the government began to accept applications for financing of projects in the field of modular power plants.

Advantages of small nuclear energy are discussed by the world community for several years. The main advantage of installing small modular reactors is the possibility to reduce the construction time of power plants that would reduce its cost and, consequently, to a significant reduction in the cost of electricity. In addition, nuclear power is a renewable and environmentally friendly.

British researchers also suggest that the producers not only limited to electricity generation, but use modular ASM as combined heat and power plant. Small modular reactors can provide nearby areas of low-carbon heating, which will significantly decrease emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

The UK is among the leaders in the development of renewable energy. The country has already launched more than a dozen large wind power plants, which produce a total of more than 7% of all received in the country of electricity. By 2030, the UK is planning to obtain up to 90% of all electricity consumed from renewable sources.

The development of small nuclear energy may be much closer to this goal. However, while the prospect of installing and running the first mini-nuclear reactors look pretty foggy in the scientific community still does not stop the debate about its safety. On his plans for the construction of modular power plants was stated also in the United States — where the first nuclear power station of modular type can appear in the middle of the 2020-ies. published



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