Stone forest in China

Stone forest is located 126 kilometers Southeast of Kunming in China. The area of this stone forest is 350 square kilometers. Stone forest has arisen because of centuries of erosion and leaching of marine waters, the seabed was formed of hundreds of stone pillars, ravines and cracks. It looks quite grotesque.

Shilin consists of seven separate parts: large and small stone forests, Naigu stone forests, caves Giuni, caves Kaifeng, long lake, moon lake, and Da Dieshui waterfall. Scientists believe that these stone forests more than 270 million years.

Shilin is the main attraction of the area of Kunming. Here the annual festival of torches, which come to watch tens of thousands of tourists. During this festival there are entertainment activities such as: bullfights, wrestling, climbing pole, lion dance and dragon game. Once tourists get to the Stone forest, the first thing they see is a beautiful lake around which you can see countless stone pillars and stalactites. A little further is education, which is somewhat reminiscent of a lion sitting on his haunches, and next to the pond with the appropriate name – Pond Lion.

If you connect the imagination, one sees here something of their own- birds, castles, flowers, animals, people, trees, etc. There are beautiful meadows overgrown with bamboo and greens. Shilin truly fantastic place on the planet that is created without human intervention.

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