How to Wake up in a good mood

Good mood in the morning – the key to a successful and good day.

Need to get rid of unpleasant thoughts that have gathered during the day. When you go to bed, think about something nice, think of your loved one.

Wake up not by loud and nasty sound, and a soft and pleasant melody. A shrill ringing irritating.

If you feel unwell or discomfort, you need to massage the ears. It's so easy to Wake up the body and to awake consciousness can just turn on the light in the bedroom. If the sun – all excellent.

Clean yourself up, take a cool shower. It is well to cheer you up for the day.

Special attention should be given to Breakfast. It needs to be delicious and nutritious. Even dishes can lift your mood, it can be bright, warm colors. By the way, red crockery helps to increase appetite.

Experts advise to include in the menu foods with rich flavor, color and aroma.


Before you leave the house look again in the mirror. In it you should see a beautiful, fresh and confident person. The main thing – to set yourself up for positive thinking, trying not to think about bad things.

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