Why wedding ring should be platinum?

According to jewelers, people with considerable income when choosing wedding rings please pour decoration with gold of the highest standard. But it turned out to be a very big mistake. Gold is very soft and the ring can quickly bend down. To amuse this acquisition only six months.

Also, experts note that today young people are less interested in is yellow gold. As an alternative to the pair used to buy the silver ring. It is also a kind of mistake. Because silver has the ability to quickly salivates and lose its luster. In this case, it is better to give preference to white gold, which by the way, now is trendy in the jewelry world. Gold 585-th - the most common and practical metal for engagement rings. If you want more Shine. You'll like gold 750-th sample. However, it is more soft.

The most durable considered jewelry with platinum. 95% they consist of pure metal. These rings will not lose its Shine a century. But there is little nuance – the exorbitant cost. As for the process of selection of wedding accessories, then to try his best in the morning or afternoon because in the evening the toes swell. In autumn and winter, the fingers thinner. From the summer heat, they swell.

If you plan on wearing a wedding ring all my life, it is best to take a seamless product, without the addition of stones and engravings. But if you are very worried about your choice, remember that at the expiration time, you can buy a new ring. To do it even now fashionable. On the fifth or tenth wedding anniversary, couples often exchange new rings. After all, women after pregnancy changes the thickness of the fingers, and men in connection with permanent changes in the anatomy of the fingers.

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