Top 3 most dangerous insects in the summer

1. WASPS – evil creatures. They attack people when they feel danger, but you can just sting like – if they don't like how you smell. To not fall prey to wasps, it is better not to use silnopahnuschih perfumes and wear clothes in light quiet tones. Wasps have a proboscis smooth, without a fight, they come out safe and sound, and then you can sting again. These insects love the dump and garbage cans so you can carry infection.

2. MIDGES (mosquitoes) bite not like other summer aggressors. She gnaws a piece of skin, which stings her more itchy, slower to heal and when combing them easier to get infected. Any special character and habits of midges has not – attacking the clouds on everything that generates heat. She prefers the calm and shady places.

3. It is believed that the FLIES start to bite only the end of summer is supposedly becoming angrier and more aggressive. It is not so: not all biting flies, but only blood-sucking: the of zhigalki in Africa – the infamous tsetse in America – the deer flies. These insects carry about 60 different diseases, including conjunctivitis and trachoma, so their bites should definitely be disinfected. And certainly don't need to catch them hands!

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