Useful properties of coriander

Drugs that contain coriander will help to strengthen the appetite and improve digestion.
● Coriander seeds have antiseptic, expectorant, choleretic and protivogemorroidal properties.

● Essential oil, which is extracted from the seeds of coriander, included in medicines, which can cure conjunctivitis, glaucoma, healing of cracked nipples in young mothers.
● Infusion of coriander seeds to cure intestinal worms and stomach ailments.
● Coriander helps with insomnia and lowers blood pressure.
● Juice of coriander helps with bleeding gums.

* In folk medicine, is widely known use of coriander seeds in the fight against parasitic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. As an infusion of the seeds is effective for stimulating appetite, soothing of the pain and in the fight against colds.

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