Amazing phone charger from travel burner

A group of American researchers have demonstrated a new device for charging smartphones and other devices. With the torch Hаlo can be "recharged" with energy a mobile device even in backpacking, and at the same time, the device will boil water or cook food. A great solution in a country hike.


At first glance, Hаlo — the average burner, but it's not. Comes with the canister 350 grams of liquid gas, which gives the opportunity to build a fire and cook food away from home. A "highlight" of the device is its charging module with the connector class Duаl USB, which is attached to the burner. It allows you to charge two devices at the same time.


Burner Hаlo converts the thermal energy into electricity. When the charging module is connected to the burner, the thermal energy which is released by the device is converted into electrical and provides the opportunity to "revive" the dead phone, at least in order to make some emergency phone calls.


Source: /users/413


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