Presented by silent electric plane running on solar energy

Engineers from companies EADCO GmbH and PC Aero have jointly begun work on the creation of the world's largest electric aircraft, which solar panels located on the wings. The new aircraft, named Elektro E6 present it is under development, and according to engineers, the project will be a success.

The capacity of the Elektro E6 or six people. According to preliminary calculations, the Elektro E6 batteries will be able to fly about 700 km. the Engineers are going to build the wings of the plane solar panels that will help to increase flight time.

One of the most important features of the plane – its absolute silence, which became possible thanks to the electric motor. The estimated operating speed of the aircraft at 220 km\h and a maximum of about 300 km\h. the wingspan of the Elektro E6 is about 10 meters. To increase the efficiency and reduce the load on the engine, the creators are planning to install the wings of the aircraft, two additional engines.

It is also reported that over the fuselage of the aircraft and its separate components working professionals of the company EADCO GmbH, and all electronic components, motors, and solar panels for wings to develop in the company PC Aero.

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