Three main groups of animals that do not cause allergies

1. The main feature of hypoallergenic Pets is the lack of wool cover. Among the most popular hairless dog – Mexican hairless and Chinese crested. Advantages of hairless animals quite a lot. First, because of the lack of wool (and therefore shedding) the animal carries less "bacteria" in the apartment, secondly, on the animal accumulates much less dust. However, there is one "but": a hairless animal sweat more and, in contrast to the shaggy fellow, faster "salted" and therefore they must be washed frequently.

2. Another group of rocks, which almost does not cause allergies, is wire-haired and short-haired animals. The majority of Terriers and Schnauzers, despite the rather thick and long hair, almost do not fade. Do not shed another Portuguese water dog, Puli, shit-zu. One of the safest breeds for people with allergies are poodles. In addition, if you teach your pet regularly to visit the "beauty salon", the number of allergens in the house can be reduced to zero.

3. Most popular hairless cat breeds is the Sphynx, or a cat-shock. Also great friends allergies could be a Cornish Rex and Devon Rex who have a short hair.

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