The most unusual mirror illusion that will shock Your eyes

Argentinean artist Leandro Erlich (Leandro Erlich) urges people not to trust their eyes. To illustrate this principle, he created the optical illusion, which shows a completely unimaginable things. One of these works, Dalston House, recently presented in London.
Leandro Erlich is known to connoisseurs of contemporary art thanks to its extraordinary and bold experiments with forms and space. It forced people to look at the world from the bottom of the pool, and also created a front door that looks as if on the verge of collapse.

In his new work, Leandro Erlich addressed in the architecture. He erected in London a small residential domim in typical Victorian style. The problem is that the facade of this building is not perpendicular to the ground and lies on it.
But above the ground is a large mirror, the size of which just the above mentioned building. And installed it under noticeable angle to the horizontal surface. But because it reflects everything that happens on the adjacent facade.

And there may lie or people to walk, frolic Teens, playing children, and all this will be displayed above their heads, as if in some magical world.
From the side it will seem like people go for the wall of the building, which, of course, is contrary to common sense and the laws of physics. And hints, Leandro Erlich, warning that we should not believe his own eyes.

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