How to protect yourself from overwork?

The joint work.
The easiest and most effective way to prepare — thematic group of his colleagues in the study. Joint activities, according to British scientists do not just stimulate a workflow from the point of view of efficiency, but still lay on his comrades mutual obligations, which in the end will go to them good.

Focus on what's important.
For self-education and training, according to the researchers, it is important to come up with a plan and such a plan should be available to each student. The ability to concentrate on the weakest items will help to correct the General situation with performance.
To ask for help.
Not the last value, but probably the most difficult item is a request for help. This method is quite effective for those who wish get rid of the weaknesses. Scientists recommend, not afraid to ask for help, overcome your pride and fear.

Time – the main enemy.
One of the most serious problems of modern man is the ability to organize their own time. Meanwhile, researchers found that those who know how to have that art will be able to reach previously unseen heights.

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