Named 10 most polluted places in the world

It turned out that hundreds of millions of people around the world the world today is subjected to the danger of Contracting toxins. Experts say that in Africa, noted an increase in the number and size of landfills electronic waste. Most of them in Accra the capital of Ghana. Here every year from all over the world are brought close to 215 000 tonnes of electrochemi that represents a huge danger to the health of local residents.

Soil samples from the landfill indicate that toxic substances it contains 40 times more than should be according to the standards of the world health organization (who). The list also hit a new the dirtiest place — the territory of the river basin Citarum in Indonesia. It is home to close to nine million people. Then there are more than 2000 plants. This leads to the fact that the river is very dirty. For example, the concentration of lead in it a thousand times above normal, and water from the river is the local population.

Other area Indonesia — Kalimantan — is contaminated with mercury used for gold mining.

Also in the "dirty" list, the Niger Delta in Nigeria and the basin of the Matanza in Argentina.
Scientists noted several toxic industrial areas in the former Soviet Union, including Chernobyl.

With the most radioactive place in the world You can explore in this article.

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