How to make thoughts material?

Imagine that you need. You need to define the goal. To present clearly and accurately. This is called to render the object.
Ask yourself 3 important questions: what's your location (where at the moment, your financial condition, family, health, make a full assessment of your strengths and weaknesses at the moment)? Where to go (to this question you answered in the first paragraph)? And what you need to do (about this we will speak later)? The quality of the visual representation of a target depends on its reachability. What to do?
Learn! Read all the books, review all the movies, gaining information about your property wishes. If this sea — view travel portal Anapa. Beach hotel, beautiful views and sunsets. Or, if a beautiful figure, then revise sports magazines and movies. If the money, all about business.

Don't give up! Why do many dreams, and the dreams? The answer is simple. People simply give up. For, when he is well and the fight will lose its meaning or when it is impossible. What should I do? Fight!
Visualization will be for you the meaning of life. The more often you do it, the better. The most wonderful time – courses before sleep. You just think about what you want.

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