"Smart" socket will save energy and be controlled remotely

You enter a room and automatically turns on the light. Sit in a chair, and almost instantly turns on the TV to the wall and the new XBox. Go to bed or leave the apartment – and all go out on their own. Unbelievable? Not that: about the "smart home" is barely less than about big data, but a mass phenomenon — it is not yet considered. The developers of a startup Zuli try to rectify the situation: the other day they offered quite normal and cheap solution for home automation – "smart sockets" Zuli Smаrtplugs.

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The device is worn on an ordinary socket (for now, unfortunately, only supports American plug), and then you can connect all the appliances and electronics. The device communicates with your phone and gives you the ability to monitor power consumption or, for example, to remotely dim the brightness of the lighting. But that's not all: if the apartment is to install 3 sockets, it will connect to the network. Tracing the movement of the user (or rather his phone), Zuli Smartplugs can control all the devices in the house depending on the current situation; the main thing – to pre-configure the desired behavior of algorithms. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/zuli/zuli-smartplugs/widget/video.html

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