Little facts about insects

Spiders eat insects. So: the weight of all the insects, which are eaten in one year spiders, exceeds the weight of all the people who live on the planet Earth.

— Butterflies taste food, oddly enough, the hind legs. What color are the wings of a butterfly depends on tiny scales, which have the ability to reflect light.

On our planet there are about 400 thousand beetles. The largest of them – the beetle-Titan. Its size can reach up to 17 inches.

In Thailand, beetles are considered a delicacy. The most popular beetles in this country are fried grasshoppers and crickets. Beetles are very rich in carbohydrates, minerals, protein and vitamins.

The ears of crickets are located on the front legs. And did you know that crickets can tell the temperature? Just count the number of times a cricket chirps per minute, divide the resulting number by two. The number that you get, add 9 and divide again by two. The resulting number is the temperature in Celsius.

— These small biting insects, such as woodlice, with breakneck speed, flap their wings. The speed is 62 760 times in just one minute.

Approximately one third of all insects, ground-living, carnivorous. Most of them hunt and feed on carrion or waste.

— Bistrilitsa insect – dragonfly. It is able to fly at a speed of 57 miles per hour.

— In the world, at the moment, there are 8,800 species of ants. For comparison, birds account for only 9 000 species. Interesting fact: ants never sleep.

Snow Scorpions can survive temperatures of -6 degrees Celsius. This is possible because their blood contains antifreeze. However, if you take a Scorpion, he will unfortunately die.

Insects appeared on earth about 400 million years ago. They are the first inhabitants of the planet. Insects were able to survive five mass disasters. They, as we see, more tenacious than the dinosaurs.

— Another interesting fact: a cockroach can live without a head 9 days. Female cockroaches debug to 2 million eggs.

On Earth there are more than 35 thousand species of spiders. Scientists are constantly discovering new species.

Male earwigs are born with two sexual organs. And their sizes exceed the size of the insect. These organs the structure is fragile, can easily break down. For this reason, the insect has two of these on.

A bee has five eyes: two of them are located in the front and three at the top of the head of the insect. The speed with which the honey bee beats its wings is equal to 11 400 times per minute. In flight the wings make a buzzing sound.

— Offspring of spiders Amarobia eats his mother immediately after born. There are species of spiders, the females of which start the meal is with a male right after he fertilized. Late father turns into food for their children.

— Fleas can jump a distance which is 130 times the length of her body. And the crickets – the distance exceeding the insect's 40 times.

— Attacus Atlas – biggest butterfly in the world. The wingspan is simply impossible to imagine: 30 centimeters! It is often mistaken for a bird, not a butterfly. Agree, wrong is not hard.



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