Newquay is suffering from huge rats.

Popular seaside resort Newquay is under siege of giant rats.

Locals in Newquay, said they are currently suffering from the huge rodents and are very concerned that the parasites are becoming more and more confident.

Data show that the number of rats reported in the area increased by half compared with last year, and residents believe that new residential construction may bother them.

The experts added that since the Council stopped providing free interior pest control, the rodent population increased.

One resident said: "My daughter, seven years saw the dead rats in the garden."

"They are huge, some of the cats who live down the road will think twice before going it alone."

Dave Cornish, of "D Cornish Pest Control", said he received more complaints about rats since the "Cornwall Council" ("Cornwall Council") was disbanded with the free service of pest control – but he also claims that business has not improved, because the locals don't want to pay for professional help.

"But they won't go away if simply ignored", — he said.

"The only real way to settle this, to call in a professional company."

"If people will not solve this problem in the next two or three years we will deal with the flood of rats."

It seems that Hamelsky the pied Piper might be needed. Well, assuming that spending cuts to pay him a tip.



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