8 tips to look stylish

Every woman desires to look fashionable and stylish, so the following simple tips will help you to always look stylish.

1. Often wear dresses and skirts and rarely try to hide their legs under Maxi and trousers.

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2. Manicure should be plain and neat. All drawings and fussy patterns – absolutely not fashionable.

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3. Wear heels, but know the measure, if you want to look stylish. Too high heel for high growth will make you ridiculous.

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4. Makeup should be chosen and applied. Day makeup should be natural, and brighter.

5. About the choice of jeans with a lot of attention. They should not be too wide or tight. Find the middle ground.

6. Everyday bag needs to be practical. Try to choose an optimum handbags of medium size, not to carry a bag, or a very small clutch bag every day.

7. Do not chase fashion. Fashionable – does not mean stylish, and buying each season's new fashion items, you will spend a lot of money and risk looking foolish, and sometimes even vulgar. Your wardrobe should be made up of well-chosen and harmonious things.

8. Love, respect and often pamper themselves, is the best comprehensive answer to the question – "how to look stylish?"!


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