Discovered the asteroid, which can be a potential danger

Completed studies conducted by scientists from the United States and Russia. Based on observations the asteroid was discovered by education, which received the 2014 ER49 room. Its parameters are quite impressive 700 metres. According to the official data, if there's fall, it could lead to the destruction of the whole country on the globe.

Initially the asteroid was found during the research "Catalina" experts from America in early March. But after a few weeks he disappeared from telescopes. It was assumed that he was far enough away from the planet Earth. However, after some time, the Russian astronomer Elenin, using the tools of the telescope, which is located in the research center of new Mexico, has again discovered asteroid 2014 ER49.

In the course of the research, the scientists considered this phenomenon to the theoretically dangerous, because it exceeded the optimal allowable distance between the object and the orbit of the planet Earth. Today, she is 0.016, despite the fact that a border is equivalent to 0.05.

In addition, it was found that the asteroid is large and in contact with the Ground can bring serious destruction, until the complete extermination of the whole state. According to official information, July 20, this object must pass the orbit of our planet. However, according to current calculations, the distance between him and the Ground shall be not less than 25 million kilometers, which will provide a contactless pass.

Therefore, there is little reason for concern, but scientists continue close observation of the object to carry out daily monitoring of his movements and possible changes in the trajectory to ensure safety.



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