A system of accumulation and redistribution of energy for smart grid

The design goal is optimization of the energy balance in smart home networks. The system serves as a "reservoir", which accumulates electricity generated in the day time photovoltaic cells. The stored energy is then used for operation of home appliances at night, and its surplus may be returned to the grid.

The system reduces the peak load on the network and also increases the efficiency of renewable energy sources, including the existing solar cells mounted on the roofs of houses. The redistribution of the load and elimination of high day rates reducing monthly energy costs.

Thanks to our BESS-solution, smart homes appears to significantly decrease energy costs. The new system helps to optimally manage the electric power in networks with periodic sources, for example, using solar energy. This is a new contribution of Delta in the creation of intelligent and green environment, says Jackie Chan (Jackie Chang), President and CEO of Delta EMEA.

BESS is flexible due to a modular design that allows you to build the optimal configuration for a wide variety of consumers.

The system consists of rectifier, charger, microinverter, lithium-ion battery, controller and sensor module. You can run the program remotely using a mobile device. System BESS Delta will go on sale in 2015.

Source: greenevolution.ru


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