A new flame – "burning cold"

During the last month of experiments on the ISS, a group of scientists, headed by Professor of the University of California, Forman Williams, a new view of flame combustion, referred to as "cold". Discovery scientists are considering the possibility of creating a more efficient and cleaner engines.

Scientists had during the experiment to ignite a huge drop of heptane. At the beginning of the experiment, the flame behaved just as it in the Earth, as if unichtozhal. But sensors indicate that the heptane continued to burn, though the flame was not seen. The participants of the experiment considered, this phenomenon is the result of ordinary chemical reactions.

They last only a very short period of time, so go completely on the Ground do not have time. However, they reach the logical end in weightlessness. To experiment it was possible to produce on Earth, it is necessary to choose a mixture of different fuels. NASA has this planned for the winter of next year a new series of experiments called "Studies" cold flame" ("COOL FLAME INVESTIGATION"), which will be held only on the ISS.

Presumably they will last a year. For the production and ignition of fuel you plan to use the machine Multiuser Droplet Combustion Apparatus. To record the experiment room equipped with cameras and appropriate sensors.

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