Chinese experts have invented a new method of finding terrorists in the crowd

Chinese experts have reported that we invented a completely new method of finding terrorists at points with large concentrations of people. The camera is able to scan the flow of people, and also calculated with the help of a variety of characteristics of potential criminals.

The technology of visualization should help the Chinese specialized services in recognition of suicide bombers in a crowd of people.

Scientists from the Chinese University say the scanning technology is able to distinguish people with a high level of oxygen, which is a result of physical activity, from people whose blood he rises as a result of experiencing stress.

On the monitor of the special chamber on individuals with high blood oxygenation shows arrow and the men's faces are painted in red. As experts say, they managed to separate the people with a high percentage of oxygen in the blood.

The study of this technology conducted by scientists on the basis of serious concerns about the safety of citizens at points of congestion of people after it was a bloody series of attacks.

It is worth Recalling that religious extremists had committed a chain of attacks with knives on people at railway stations. In addition, the terrorists set fire to a bus, which was filled with passengers.

In China today there are voices who Express their fears about the potential abuse of power in the use of new technologies. The device will be released from the laboratory only when it will release legislation that govern their use.



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