To do without nuclear energy, Japan celebrates the first year without nuclear power


In Japan there is "the Year without nuclear power plants" on: September 15, 2013 at NPPs Electric'Kansai's Ohi was shut down the last reactor of the country. The Japanese government has announced that it plans to dismantle 12 oldest reactors, which account for 25% of nuclear power generation in the country.

The Japanese government has not yet abandoned the attempts to run some reactors again, but can not ignore two important factors: the exorbitant cost of bringing them up to acceptable safety standards and changes in the minds of the population. People noticed that year as nuclear power plants do not work, and the lights are on, trains, smartphones charged. Nuclear power ceases to be perceived as a kind of "vital necessity," and required a cash infusion becoming an unbearable burden for the budget. The latest polls show that more than half of the population are against starting the reactors shut down after the Fukushima tragedy.

My fate waiting for 48 reactors. 20 of them is now exploring the nuclear regulatory Agency (NRA) and all of them discovered security issues caused by technical problems and vulnerability to volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis.

In this regard, the planned closure of twelve of the oldest reactors may not be considered as a solution to the problem, because it will not mean that the remaining 36 reactors will be safe.

Recently growing protest in connection with the attempted startup of the two reactor nuclear power plant Sendai (Kagoshima Prefecture), which already passed the first stage of reboot. Here serious problems remain related to the security of reactors, and growing public and political discontent.



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