Scientists tracked the change in brain size during life

The Stanford researchers demonstrated how the brain changes throughout life, and created a standard curve that can be used to evaluate the growth and aging normally.

This will help to diagnose or monitor people with mental health disorders, developmental delay or other diseases. A team from Stanford University has used a new technique of magnetic resonance imaging for the first time to show the changes of human brain tissue throughout life.

Knowing its normal development at different ages, the doctors can compare the brain image of the patient from the standard curve and determine if the person is out of the normal range. Researchers have used the technique to identify changes in the brains of people with multiple sclerosis.

Psychologist Jason Hitman (Jason Yeatman) said: "This allows us to look at the people who came to the clinic, compare them to the norm and potentially diagnose or monitor abnormalities due to different diseases or changes related to medications".



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