The Koreans have invented a new method of producing "green" energy

Engineers from South Korea presented the world a new device that can generate electricity through vibration.

According to "Pronedra" with reference to the scientific publication Nature Communications, engineers in the creation of the device used a well-known fact that due to friction of an electric charge.

To generate electricity, scientists are attached to a rigid plate, flexible flags that are made from fabrics with a high level of conductivity. In the wind as a result of fluctuations flags on a rigid plate produced an excess of electrons, and the flags, by contrast, is a disadvantage. It kompensiruet through the external circuit, and then the process starts again.

One of the fundamental conditions of operation of the device, the researchers note, is the continuous contact surfaces, which are constructed from different materials. Generator dimensions are a height of 8 cm, a maximum width of only 5. If the wind speed reaches 15 m/s, the device is capable of producing 0,86 mW of energy. Such plants can be a good way to produce energy in regions with strong winds or in mountainous terrain. Also among the advantages of device – low cost to build a windmill, and sustainability.



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