It may not be winter?
 The fallen will forever fall,
 Kratky twilight stars dumb
 And the slope of the celestial axis.

Will leaves me to fall out the window,
 Covering sofas and chairs,
 Will beat dry wine
 Warm drops purple glitter.

Do not freeze in a blizzard and a snowstorm,
 The heart beats quickly and safely.
 Soft light in the window watercolor,
 Somewhere in the past, resentment and war.

In the twilight of a long sleep viscous
 Only the fall of May until May ...
 Never come spring.
 Simply nothing to melt.

Plus five. Flood. Winter pi ... p.
 Frost and sun canceled.
 Heaven limp jelly
 Full of damp and rot.
 Plus five on street placards.
 And grim poses ugly mug
 The people who spent the loot
 For spiking rubber.
 Yes there. Each of his,
 Its have any resentment:
 Among traders puhovёm
 Grow suicide attempts ...
 Runoff in the river,
 Roaring streams of muddy slush,
 And in the naked asshole parks
 On the ground stёsyvayut skiing.
 I know: this cream without ice,
 Nasty Russian in fact,
 Threw squalid Chubais,
 To save on heating


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