Elon Musk announced the price launch of SpaceX rockets

This moment had been awaited by many. When, finally, genius, playboy and philanthropist Elon Musk will announce the cost of launching its missiles, thereby opening the orders for the withdrawal of goods for private and public companies at Earth's orbit. And that day has come. On the official website of SpaceX has published a very eloquent quote on the services of the company.

So, what we offer Elon musk? Using the Falcon 9 rocket any bored millionaire can bring in geosynchronous Earth orbit 4,850 pounds of valuable cargo. The same rocket is able to lift into low earth orbit to 13 150 kilograms of cargo. The cost of launching the Falcon 9 is equal to 61,2 million dollars, including fuel and all associated costs.

The heavy rocket, the Falcon Heavy able to bring in low earth orbit up to 53,000 kilograms of cargo, and in geosynchronous orbit to 21 200 pounds. The launch of such missiles would cost half as much and will cost $ 90 million.

We remind you that low earth orbit has a height of from 160 to 2,000 kilometers above the planet's surface. While a geosynchronous orbit has an altitude of 35 786 kilometers above the sea level.

Well, Elon Musk is steadily moving towards its goal of creating a low-cost alternative launch cargo to bypass the foreign companies, which NASA used earlier. The first commercial launches of the Falcon family is planned for 2016. published

Source: hi-news.ru


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