9 of the best small books

Twelve million three hundred thirteen thousand two hundred ninety seven

1. Mary Parr — Waffle heart"Waffle heart" (2005) — debut of a young Norwegian writer Maria Parr, which critics called together a new Astrid Lindgren. The book is already out in Sweden, France, Poland, Germany and the Netherlands, where she received the award "Silver stylus". A year in the life of two young residents of the Bay Chips-Matilda — nine-year-old Trill, on behalf of the narrator and his neighbor and classmate Lena — fits many unthinkable events and adventures — funny, touching, dangerous... an Idyllic life on a Norwegian farm is broken — but not destroyed — dramatic circumstances. But friendship is, of course, is stronger! 2. Stephen king — Rita Hayworth, or Escape from Chosencountry dream became reality... the Story of an innocent man, sentenced to life in prison hell. Hard story of survival where to survive almost impossible. A fascinating story of escape from where not managed to escape no one... Read one of the most famous works of the "king of horror" Stephen king, which formed the basis for the famous film with Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman in the lead roles! 3. Alexander Pushkin — the Queen of amazament masterpiece of Pushkin — the Queen of spades are relevant and in demand these days. After all the excitement, greed, the desire to achieve their goals by any means indestructible in man. The theme of the game, cleverly picked up and examined by F. Dostoevsky in the novel "the Player", designed by the great Pushkin as a crucial fatality and has become a Maxim the expression "three, seven, ACE" — a symbol of fate, which cannot be fooled. 4. John Steinbeck — Of mice and ludah novel "Of mice and men" Steinbeck portrayed the attempt of the individual to realize his dream. The way of the cross of the two tramps, traveling about in the great depression the American South and found refuge on the rich farm, where their appearance is destined to become the impetus for a brutal story of love, murder and terrible, ruthless revenge...Readers ' success stories have surpassed all expectations. The collapse of the dream George and Lennie on his own small farm in the hearts of hundreds of thousands of ordinary people and brought to life dozens of critical articles. 5. Anna gavalda — I loved her/I am librarian "I loved her / I loved him" — a hauntingly sad and beautiful book about love, reveals the most acute and the most secret facets of this beautiful and mysterious feelings. The book, in the author's style combines outer simplicity with inner depth and subtle psychological insight with flawless precision each word. 6. Hermann Hesse — Siddharthalal and respect for the world of Indian spirituality, the writer is carried through his entire life. Indian novel "Siddhartha" tells about different ways to enlightenment, makes us think about eternal truths. Herman Hesse shows painful, full of temptation and disappointments, the search for the true path to the attainment of the higher self. Modern Indian philosophers and religious leaders have acknowledged that none of the European writers failed so clearly and deeply traced, Eastern philosophy, as did Hesse. 7. Vladimir Nabokov — Malenkovskaya reader is the first and most autobiographical novel of world famous Russian-American writer, one of the largest writers of XX century, author of the famous "Lolita" by Vladimir Nabokov. "Masha" — a book about "strange memories", about the whimsical intertwining of the life patterns of the past and present, "amazing event" the resurrection of the main character living in Berlin, a Russian emigre, Lev Ganin story of his first love. The novel, which covers only six days in which very few characters, gains emotional poignancy and depth of meaning thanks to the passionate force gannynske (and author's) memory, correct irrational moments of the past. 8. Françoise Sagan — Vague libcomedi from the pen of the great Francoise Sagan following the bestseller "Hello, sadness", the novel "Vague smile" not at all conceded in the success of a debut novel, and only cemented the fame of the writer.Like virtuoso music, this book reflects the huge range of human emotions, it brings a smile and sadness, awe and ecstasy, thrilling, and touching, admire the elegance, lyricism and subtlety of style. 9. Neil Gaiman — the Ocean at the end of the road Gripping tale-the myth of the famous author of "the sons of Anansi" and "American gods". Brilliantly told story of a lonely portrait of a boy, whose name the reader never learns, but in which unmistakable features of the Neil Gaiman. Walk around the farms of Sussex brings him to the home of ancient gods, play to people, and from that moment the fabric of the familiar world torn and turned inside out, and a hole through the merits of inamura – this strange and terrible that they cannot conceive.published 

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