How to cook cream cheese "Philadelphia" at home

To make this cheese at home is not difficult. A little time, simple ingredients and You have a cheese with a delicate texture, a pleasant creamy taste without the harmful preservatives.And another thing: the higher the fat content of the milk used, the more cheese You get.


Milk — 1 liter
Kefir — 0,5 l
Chicken egg — 1 PC
Salt — 1 tsp
Sugar — 1 tsp
Citric acid (pinch)

Method of preparation:

Milk pour into a saucepan and put it on the stove on medium heat and stirring constantly, add salt and sugar, bring to a boil.

Immediately after boiling, add the yogurt and stir until the mixture will curdle. This mass is thrown back on the gauze, then suspended in gauze over the sink for 15 minutes and drain the whey.

Egg and a bit of citric acid mix well.

To beaten egg add the cheese and again whisk until a homogeneous lush mass.

Our cheese is ready. Bon appétit!

P. S. if you wish You can add in cream cheese your favorite herbs or spicy pepper. published

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