NASA unveiled a new prototype electric airplane Greased Lightning


New unmanned prototype aircraft, which is called Greased Lightning (GL-10), successfully completed its maneuvers vertical takeoff and transition to horizontal flight.

NASA engineers equipped with electric GL-10 sloping wings, each of which is located at 4 electric motor, and two electric motor installed in the tail of the plane. These engines are powered by lithium-ion batteries, which in turn are recharged by two diesel engines with 8 HP each. He unmanned aerial vehicle has a wingspan of 6.1 m and a weight of 24.9 kg.

The aircraft can stay in level flight within 24 hours and runs as quiet as a petrol mower. Expected in the space Agency, GL-10 will find application in the small delivery services and long-term observation missions for agriculture and geodesy, but also in many other research missions. It is worth noting that engineers also plan to build a larger version of the electric plane that seats four passengers on Board.published

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