NASA photographed the planet Jupiter much more

Astronomers say the sensationalism of the received data. National Aeronautics issledovaniy the cosmic prostranstvami massive planet, Super-Jupiter for 170 light-years from Earth that orbits a star called Kappa Andromedae.

To fix this "celestial resident" astronomers used the infrared data from the Subaru telescope installed in Hawaii, the website of NASA.

Thanks to modern technology, the service managed to get a rare direct photo of a planet called Super-Jupiter. It is 13 times more massive than Jupiter located in our Solar system.

A giant planet orbits a star called Kappa Andromedae, which has a mass 2.5 times more than the Sun. Distance Super-Jupiter and its parent the lights to the Ground — 170 light-years.

Experts suggest that the age of star system is 20 to 30 million years. The scale of the Universe this is a very modest figure. The most probable scheme of formation of these objects is the planetary scheme.

Planet constantly keeps the temperature of 1700 K (1427 ° C). The mass of an object is 12.8 mass of Jupiter known to us.

NASA noted, the size of the planet is so large that astronomers have placed it within the classification system between giant planets and stars, called brown dwarfs.

Astronomer Phil plate, one of those who first saw megaplanet, said that the opening of NASA is sensational.

"Although we found already more than 850 celestial bodies outside our Solar system, this study is unique because only some of them we managed to get a picture of the world. And now — we love the Super-Jupiter has surpassed all our expectations. It's a sensation! "— said the scientist.

In achieving these results helped the heavy duty Subaru telescope, he says.

"Through his pictures, we came close to getting the answer to a question that has long bothered us, namely, the dependence of the rate of formation of planetary system from the mass of the star in the center. These results will allow us to understand patterns of occurrence of planets in systems which are much larger than our Solar system " — summed up the plate.

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