"Magnetic" train travels from Paris to Moscow in an hour

Scientists from the Beijing Jiaotong University (Jiaotong) has developed a prototype tube for the Maglev train, in which he will be able to accelerate up to 2,900 kilometers per hour. Theoretically, this ultra-fast cushion will allow passengers to get from Paris to Moscow in about an hour.

The speed of the fastest magnitofonov (sealed capsule-cars moving inside a special tube), put into commercial operation, is limited to 431 km/h Is close to a world record 581 km/h.

The team led by Dan Zipangu managed to achieve a substantial increase in speed of trains to a minimum by reducing the resistance of the oncoming air flow inside the pipe, inside of which conditions close to vacuum.

According to the scientist, if the velocity exceeds 400 km/h, the air resistance absorbs more than 83% of traction energy. In addition, the train, in so doing, creates unpleasant for passengers noise.

Engineers have designed a tunnel within which the air resistance up to 10 times lower than the atmospheric pressure at sea level. Inside magnetoplasma can move almost silently, wasting much less energy than now. published

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Source: vk.com/wiki_inventions?z=photo-56414092_373944385%2Falbum-56414092_00%2Frev


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