5 diseases that start out as a cold

Runny nose, cough, fever – classic symptoms of any flu. But did you know that there are much more serious diseases, which are cleverly masked under it and begin with the same symptoms?

  Angina the kid has a sore throat, fever... Nothing, just a cold – wave his hand a mom. But the same trouble can occur in other, very serious disease – angina (acute tonsillitis), which is accompanied by weakness, "aches and pains" in muscles and General malaise. During the examination the doctor notices enlarged reddened tonsils, sometimes covered with a white bloom or spotted with points – gaps filled with pus. Of course, to swallow the baby in such a situation it is extremely painful.

However, angina is not afraid of this, and its serious complications. The fact that the Streptococcus is the causative agent of this disease, in addition to the throat often affects the heart and kidneys. To avoid this, doctors prescribe little patients the antibiotics from the first day of the disease, and to abandon them in any case not worth it! And in addition to these drugs – rinsing and irrigation of the throat anti-inflammatory drugs, warm milk or tea with honey (if no allergies of course).

Rotavirus infection Is a disease that is also called "disease of dirty hands", a combination of respiratory and intestinal symptoms. The child can become infected by contact with the sick person or by eating infected food or water.

Very often the virus catches up with kids during summer vacation, for example, in a crowded hotel or camp. The disease starts acutely, with fever, deterioration of health, runny nose and sore throat, which rotavirus infection and confused with normal SARS. Soon to the fore the basic, severe symptoms – vomiting and diarrhea. At first, the chair has the form of a slurry, and then becomes watery, gradually radijas more and more. And so as long as the stools of the child will not lose their faecal odor and will not be virtually transparent. Intestinal disorders may be accompanied by abdominal pain, gas, rumbling of the intestine.

As a result of diarrhea and vomiting baby loses a lot of fluid, dehydration. The skin becomes pale and dry, reduces its elasticity, and under eye dark circles. In the dehydration is the main risk of rotavirus infection, so the first task of parents is to unsolder toddler to loss of fluid has not reached critical levels. But water toddler we got, a teaspoon every 3-5 minutes, and best of all – a glucose-saline solution (you can buy at the pharmacy in powder form or prepare your own). If you give the child to drink even half a glass of water simultaneously, it will trigger a new attack of vomiting.

Scarlet fever Scarlet fever – a disease included in the list of so-called "children's infections". Most often catch little children, and initially both parents and even doctors think that it's the common cold. This is not surprising, given the characteristic symptoms – fever, General weakness and sore throat. However, by the evening of the first day or maximum on the second day the baby's skin is red and a rash, and small red. Against this background stands out bright white nasolabial triangle remains intact, and it allows the doctor to establish the diagnosis of "scarlet fever".

Scarlet fever, like strep throat often requires antibiotics. They are necessary to prevent complications of the internal organs.

Pertussis Whooping cough called cunning infection, because it's very easy to confuse with the common cold. The child's temperature rises, there is a dry cough and a runny nose – a classic picture of SARS.

Some time after the "cough" of treatment prescribed by the pediatrician, the baby even gets better. However, almost immediately they begin a strong cough, the sound resembling a series of short jolts with a whistle. The child coughs hysterically and for a long time, until you're blue the face and vomiting. Most of these attacks happen in the night, and in severe cases can even lead to respiratory arrest.

Characteristic manifestations make the doctor suspected whooping cough, and helps confirm the diagnosis a swab from the throat. Unfortunately, whooping cough is very difficult to treat even with a properly chosen drugs cough can last for 2 months. So the doctors will endeavour to ease the baby exhausting cough with cough remedies to suppress this symptom.

Polio Polio is a dangerous disease that affects the spinal cord and causes paralysis of varying severity. Most often the source of infection, becoming ill with polio, a disease-carrier, or a child vaccinated with a live vaccine.

Most of the children are polio begins like a cold, accompanied by fever, deterioration of health, pain in the throat and irregular bowel movement. Unfortunately, polio is not immediately suspected and initially treated the child from SARS. And only when the child begins to complain of pain and movement disorders in the hands and feet, the pediatrician may suspect something was wrong. Post-polio child will have a long rehabilitation, however, fully restore the normal ability to move, unfortunately, could not.

Insidious disease, which we are told only some of those that can masquerade as "trifling" cold. The only way to deal with them – not to let the situation slide and be sure to invite to the baby doctor. And if the crumbs appear new, unusual symptoms, or the prescribed treatment does not work – do not hesitate to see a doctor again, because the disease baby – this is the situation where extra precautions are never superfluous. published


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