International CXT Truck

Such is the monster called in our region. From the words of the owner of the world's 8 pcs.
600 hp, 11 liters. From the place gets "a goat" ... Hammer resting.

Sent funny.

Information: International Truck and Engine Corporation presented the biggest pickup in the world - International CXT. New built on the same platform as the medium-duty trucks are not "interovskoy" series 7000. To be precise, it is taken as a basis for 7300 International truck, the total mass of heavy modifications which comes to 20 tons. Novoyavlenny International CXT was very simple - on the frame all-wheel drive chassis 7300 established "pikapny" box. International CXT height of 2 74 m, width - 2, 4 meters in width and length - 6 4 meters. Interior expensive modification includes leather seats, DVD-player. Exotic devices offer high-quality camera for rear view.


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