5A-class student Diary

to continue see transcript, I just cried
 PS: a boy named Krivossytsky Valera
 7 September. Friday.
 P.-ka - 2
 Mat-ka - 2
 Lit-ra - 2
 Behavior unsatisfactory. Hamit. Pont. July 10 parent meeting will be held at 18.00, room. 20. The turnout of parents is required.
 Kl.ruk JB ** oletova.

7 September. Friday.
 The class teacher. With a record examined. A suggestion. Flogged. E.Krivos.

10 SEPTEMBER. Monday.
 Nevertheless, I would still discuss the behavior of your son. I ask you to find the time.
 Kl.ruk JB ** oletova.

11 SEPTEMBER. Tuesday.
 Sorry, I do not have free time.
 Sincerely, E.Krivos.

12-TH OF SEPTEMBER. Wednesday.
 In this case, forced to raise the question of exclusion from school Valera.
 Kl.ruk JB ** oletova.

Once again I repeat to you. Education of his son completely satisfied. Your attitude biased. I advise him to radically reconsider.

13 September. Thursday.
 Now I am quite clear on who is growing like your son. Like father like son ... Have a nice day.
 Kl.ruk JB ** oletova.

SEPTEMBER 14. Thursday.
 Hey you, a sheep, you're in there, bl @ hints? And to whom he still look like a bitch? On Kolka neighbor can? You are not oxy% la whether the end, school thing?
 Without uvazh.E.Krivos

 It is a pity that such a nice boy's father. I sincerely advise me not to be rude.
 Kl.ruk JB ** oletova.

Pi3dets you bl% rd. Wait 18.00. I will be fucked @ Th, fucked @ Th, fucked @ be you to colic, to lilac snot to hiccups, you% bu the length and breadth of all slots in the points your you you% bu, in your whole fucked @ ny school equipment You% bu all the flowers on the windowsill, you boo% Globe and shove in your w% PU% pi3da you re bath, cool, bl% rd. Get ready, Shushary.

SEPTEMBER 19. Tuesday.
 Lit-ra - 5
 Mat-ka - 5
 P.-ka - 5.
 I ask my father to go to school. Kl.ruk JB ** oletova


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