What picture of the world of man?

...The creation of a unified and unchanging pattern
the world – a goal sought by science.

Max Planck.

Modern science, particularly quantum physics and relativity, introduces significant changes in the usual view of the world. The new scientific paradigm enables the synthesis of idealism and materialism, which gives the opportunity to look at the universe from a completely different point of view, to rethink the philosophy, the existing scientific concepts and methods.

Quantum theory encompasses the idea of the "foggy" world, which blurred the distinction between particles and waves — a world where matter is never at rest, but instead is in constant motion. The world is represented as a system composed of indivisible, interacting and living in a continual state of movement of the particles. The deeper we penetrate into submicronic, the more I am convinced that there is a fundamental unity that connects us all. Created the theoretical framework allows us much easier to understand the "nature of reality".



Quantum theory confirms the ancient concept of the existence of seven levels of reality of the Universe. Scientists obtained accurate descriptions of all seven levels. When you move from level to level increases the density of the substance. Thus, we can say that matter is energy in a dense form.

An intermediate stage of this process is consciousness. From a physical point of view, consciousness is a special form field (torsion) of matter. Consciousness and matter at the level of torsion fields proved to be inseparable entities. From these positions it became obvious that the conscious mind acts as a mediator. combining, on the one hand, all of the fields, the entire material world, and on the other hand all the levels of the subtle world.

From this point of view, the human consciousness can be viewed as a transformer of energy through which the spiritual energy becomes matter. This new approach will radically change our understanding of reality.

Like centuries according to Eastern religions, matter is Maya, or illusion. This illusion of independence of our existence. We perceive as different individual items are actually concentrations of particles of a single energy field. But these qualities are the hardness and remoteness, there are only limited point of view of imperfect perception. Of course, we people are comfortable to perceive other objects: this allows to operate the field in which it belongs.

It is clear that from a practical point of view it is convenient to perceive objects as separate things. However, this view has not only positive but also negative sides. One of the negatives is that people perceive themselves as separate from the world. This creates and develops a sense of isolation, insecurity, which inevitably leads to anxiety and anxiety.

We begin to lift the veil of wrong perception, masking us from true peace, and make a discovery: it turns out the inner and outer worlds are inseparable. Their artificial division is a product of the subjective perception of the world.

Holography – another discovery in physics that might allow for the convergence of the natural Sciences with the Humanities, lifting the veil over the still unexplained psychological phenomena. This is a unique conceptual tool that is extremely useful for understanding the principles of integrity.

A hologram is a three-dimensional photograph made with a laser. The look like a meaningless alternation of light and dark lines. If the film is to illuminate the laser beam, then the image of the object in three dimensions.
If a hologram is cut in half and cover with a laser, each half will contain the whole original image. If we continue to cut a hologram into smaller pieces, each of them will again find the image of the whole facility. This is the property distribution.

From a philosophical point of view, it is of great interest, as evidenced by the principle of the " part substitutes the whole," that is, at any point in space contains information about all the events and entities of the Universe. In modern language this means that the universe is a huge hologram, as it is established that this property is characteristic only holographic processes.
Another feature is the amazing savings. None of the existing storage devices having the same dimensions does not compare in memory with the hologram.

And, the third. It is essential wave character interactions. This physical process is the starting point for creating neiroallergicescoe model of the brain. The signals from the particles which is around us is matter, would be projected onto all points of the brain. And the brain, given the perceived frequency of waves could mathematically reconstruct on the basis of the interference patterns are "concrete" reality.
Then, hence naturally flows the idea of the energetic nature of the person and explanation of the possible mechanism of functioning of the human brain that the basic mental processes occur not in it, and in the surrounding active medium.
The relationship phase of relationship is the basis of the ability of forming images. New understanding of the value of creative thinking. In terms of a holographic model, with the help of the surrounding world and the subconscious to communicate with us. In this case, the language of images is the Esperanto of all living things.

Obvious close relationship and interdependence of image and energy. The manipulation of visual images and imagination is objectively occurring, physically, biologically and mentally due to the process. The image ultimately manifests itself in the form of energy processes, and the latter, in turn, are brought into the image. This explains the possibility of creating a new reality.
The human brain is a large element holograms having access to all information. Once obtained, it is fixed forever; with time do not fade and can be played in many years.

It is also possible to understand the effects of telepathy, ESP, etc., which in turn contributes to a breakthrough in the area of the unknown and opening one of the aspects of the phenomenon of modern man. Individual consciousness is included in the overall cosmic energy flow. And then the creative potential of man is truly inexhaustible.
The deep field of the Universe, encodes and stores information derived from living and non-living structures in the form of holograms. Moreover, such information is not stored passively, and are selected, processed and transmitted in the required doses in the necessary time and in the desired direction. The ability to see the true picture and to respond to change depends on our harmonious interaction with the world.

The concept of the holographic Universe is crucial to understanding higher compared to our measurements. In accordance with this concept of all that contains in a certain amount of space of the highest level, inevitably projected onto the lower. At our level information is, in fact, not real objects and symbols, that enables everyone to understand the hidden symbol of the truth according to their development of consciousness.
A symbol is a concentrated form of abstract conditional knowledge, which is expressed with a stylized sign. So the most common all over the world, in all religions the symbol of the cross (although his appearance is slightly modified in different Nations). Symbols are constantly used by everyone, but as a rule, unconscious, unproductive, and even often dangerous. Therefore, one of the urgent needs of our time is the recognition of the nature of symbols, the study of many classes and types for targeted use.
The achievements of modern science have an impact on almost all aspects of social life. It affects the whole culture in General and thinking in particular, and expressed in the revision of our views on the Universe and our relationship to it.

The modern level of development of science makes it necessary to reconsider the fundamental concepts underlying our worldview, radical change of which allows to solve the acute problem of the relation of individualism and collectivism, and thus to find a way out of the crisis of society and culture.
It is man as a microcosm of society is the driving force of development of society, because, depending, it creates a condition for his creative, physical, and spiritual potencies or prevents it, or it is in dynamic equilibrium and motion, or degrades and self-destructs.published

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