In the American zoo shot and killed a 17-year-old gorilla enclosure in which fell the child

On Saturday, in the U.S., the Cincinnati zoo, in a cage for 17-year-old gorilla named Harambe has fallen 4-the summer child. According to witnesses, the boy crawled through the fence and fell into the water from a height of 3.7 metres. In the video, which was filmed by one of visitors, shows that the boy stood up and took a few steps. At this time, the child ran up gorilla that first some time just looking at the baby, and then began to drag his cage.

Experts note that if a 160-pound gorilla was sedated, it would only take a few hours, so the zoo team decided that the best option would be to shoot the animal.

Zoo staff were able to help the child before the police arrived. The boy was immediately hospitalized with minor injuries. Now his life is not in danger.

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Despite the opinions of the experts, a large number of people on social media expressed their outrage at the death of the gorilla, accusing the boy's parents that they weren't watching him. Others think that the zoo has not made enough safe enclosure of the gorilla.

The zoo responded to the criticism, saying that it was the first violation of the barrier for 38 years, and that the decision had to be made immediately to save the life of a child.

On his page in Facebook the boy's mother in response to criticism and allegations of negligence said the following "I am closely monitoring their children. Accidents sometimes happen, but I'm thankful that the right people were in the right place". The woman later deleted his page in the social network.published


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