How to get rid of aphids in the home garden

In the greenhouse

Take a tin can (sardines or other) do in the bottom of the hole. Of chips inside a can kindle a small fire. Once it breaks out — poured the fire of tobacco dust. Immediately begins to emit white smoke.

Sometimes aphids are hard to spot, since they take the color of those parts of plants that house their egg-shaped body: a convex back covered with soft waxy secretions in the form of pollen or soft gun. The eggs of these insects are black, shiny, elongated.

Bet it's a smoke device in the greenhouse, close all the inputs and outputs for a few hours until the greenhouse is filled with thick white smoke, which then shatter. And all aphids gone.

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On trees and shrubs, chrysanthemums

— Take an old iron bucket. Punch a few holes in the bottom. Put it in a bucket of old shoes (rubber galoshes), and kindle fire. The top cover sheet, leaving a hole. Okuribito that smoke the whole tree. The result will be in 15 minutes.

Bucket to fill with water to half, pour half a Cup of vegetable oil and wash the resulting solution those areas of the wood on Apple trees or plums, where he settled pests. More aphids will not.

Also aphids can be washed off with twigs good water pressure straight from the hose. If the first attempt does not help, repeat the procedure a few times.


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Initially aphid fruit damage. The main harm of impact already in the second year, when the insect in the garden may not be. Settling on the plants whole colonies, sucking all the juice that these small and inactive insects thereby greatly oppressed them.

After that, deformed leaves and shoots, they grow black mushrooms, deteriorating General condition of the plant. Damaged trees lay fewer fruit buds go into winter weakened and partially (sometimes fully) to die from low temperatures.

— Take any liquid for washing of glasses. Spray treated plants affected by aphids. So you can get rid of aphids on chrysanthemums: the pest is killed, and the plants are alive and well.


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— And you can take the cheapest vodka on the bottle to put on the sprayer and spray the plant (affected areas). The effect is stunning!
— Even the drink "Coca-Cola" — the perfect remedy for aphids. Insert into the bottle a spray bottle and spray plants aphids from this as the wind will blow. With this, you can use "Phantom".

On cabbage

— Dissolve 1 tbsp of vinegar in 1 liter of water and spray the plants.

I hope these simple but effective tools and techniques to help gardeners and cottagers simple and effective to get rid of small garden pests.published 


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