Auto battery dissolves in water in 30 minutes

Scientists from the University of science and technology Iowa state has developed eco-friendly Li-ion battery, the main feature of which is the ability to dissolve in water. Description of work published in a scientific journal in the Journal of Polymer Science, Part B: Polymer Physics.

The basis of the "temporary" battery are biodegradable polymer composites, which are within 30 minutes to completely dissolve in water. Cell battery dimensions 5×6×1 mm able to maintain a constant tension in two and a half volts – which is enough, for example, for a fifteen-minute work table electronic clock. The developers hope eventually to significantly increase the capacity of such batteries in order to use them in self-destructing electronic devices.

American scientists say they have created a prototype to demonstrate the viability of the technology of the time batteries, which can maintain a stable voltage. Still, one of the main challenges of creating a "harmless" electronics are just batteries with them unsafe chemical compounds.

It should be noted that previously developed a prototype of a self-destruct chip researchers of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. They managed policythere in a world of completely self-destructing the chip of wax and polymer, which is "annihilated" by the action of heat, and the research center Xerox PARC introduced the "timing" chip based on the tempered glass Gorilla Glass.

In addition to the benefits to the ecology of the planet, auto electronics can benefit the field of Biomedicine and military industry. published




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