Weigela: delicate charm to your garden

Weigela (Weigela) — deciduous shrub of the family caprifoliaceae, is able effectively to decorate your garden.

Please pink, red, cream, yellow and white flowers, like roses weigela will be twice a year — spring and late summer.

It is noteworthy that the colouring of inflorescences during flowering is not the same: just the opened corollas pale, but gradually they are gaining strength and becoming more vivid.


Landing vagely

The best time for planting is March-April. When autumn planting seedlings do not have time to settle down and die, so if you have purchased plants in the fall, do not rush — wait until spring. Pricopie weigela in an inclined position and cover with crown land. When buying ask the age of a plant is well adapted to the new conditions of the instances, which more than 3.5 years.

Choose an area for planting carefully. Weigela light, warmth and plenty of sun — the compulsory conditions for the full development. The leaves and flowers are easily damaged by the wind — a place for planting should be well protected from the North winds.

The shrub prefers loose, fertile soil, does not tolerate compaction and waterlogging of the soil. The soil should be loosened regularly, preferably after each watering. If this is not possible, then cover the ground with peat or sawdust.

On the bottom of the planting pit to a depth of 50 cm put sand and gravel (layer thickness 15 cm), bushes seated at a distance of 3 meters from each other. The root hole is not zaglubljaja. Soil mix should include sand, turf, and humus in the ratio 2:2:1.


Reproduction vagely

The most common method of reproduction vaguely — cuttings. Woody cuttings are ineffective, and the results will have to wait a long time — 5 years, so it is often used propagation with green cuttings. Better spend it before the Foundation of the kidneys, i.e. in April-may. Length of cuttings — 10-12 cm Cut do direct, leave on the handle of two pieces.

After treatment with the growth stimulant — IAA (150 mg/liter of water) shoots left in a dark room at a temperature of 20 degrees for 12 hours. And then planted for rooting in a sand-peat mixture, sprinkled with sand and covered with plastic wrap. Planting depth — 0.5 cm water the plant twice a day. The roots appear to 25-40 a day. Transplant to a permanent place recommended in 1.5 years.

Weigela can be propagated and seeds. Preliminary preparation of the source material is not required. Plant seeds in boxes filled with sand and fertile soil. Superficially sown seeds sprinkled with sand and covered with glass. Expect germination in 3 weeks.


Care vagelos

For better growth of the bushes are regularly pruned to remove the diseased and dry branches. The optimal time for sanitary trimming— spring or early summer. Areas with faded flowers are pruned, and place slices processed garden pitch (can be found in the free market).

Young weigela needs your care. In winter, wrap the bushes Kraft paper or modern covering materials — spunbond. Tree trunks sprinkle with twigs or dry leaves. These simple activities will help the plant to survive the harsh frosts.

If after winter the plant is strongly almarza, then correct the situation copious irrigation (10 liters of water per Bush). The same is becoming mandatory in hot weather.

Adult shrubs require attention much less. In the spring, after a heavy snowfall, shake snow from the branches. Prevent deformation of the Bush under the weight of snow will help frame of wooden slats, carefully installed in the fall. In winters weigela Harbor lutrasilom or roofing felt.

Fertilize the soil twice a year. First time — in the early spring, the second during the formation of buds in early June. Use potassium sulfate, double superphosphate, urea.


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When the first signs of bacterial lesions of the leaves (yellow, purple lesions, premature needle fall, white patches on the upper side of the sheet) is a mixture of lime milk and copper sulphate (Bordeaux liquid).

Will save from rot and rusting Topsin that Bush is irrigated (during the period of growth is 1% p-p, before Bud — 3%).

Against pests effective infusions of bitter pepper, garlic, sage and potato tops.published


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