Top 12 coolest bathroom accessories, without which you will not be able to!

It is said that laziness - the engine of progress. But we are convinced that creativity and the pursuit of comfort is driven not less progress. These Bathroom of the room show that this is true.

What did not come up with a person for the sake of comfort to live easier, more interesting and more fun. And when it comes to the bathroom, there is no limit to the imagination!

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Accessories for bath
The water temperature regulator. Admit it, it's a dream.

Tripping shaving. That which has always lacked.

air freshener built into the toilet. It's brilliant!

The device for complete extrusion toothpaste. Cheap and convenient!

Waterproof loudspeaker for music lovers. Music lovers will appreciate!

A device for cleaning the mirror. Finally, it appeared!

The nozzle on the shower head in the shape of Darth Vader. Fans of "Star Wars" will appreciate

Gag bath and hair collector -! 2 in 1

hair dryer holder. The man who invented it, it is necessary to thank!

The original dispenser for liquid soap. Practical and convenient!

Bathroom tile that glows in the dark. Romantic and unusual!

Luminous tape toilet. Now you can find a hole, not even light!

These ingenious inventions will make the stay in the bathroom even more enjoyable and comfortable. So enjoy, but do not forget about the time.

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