In the theme of almost left summer

Sunbathing on the beach

Watermelon - is everything

River, now no longer bathe

Portrayed Superman




Moscow, for which it was possible to walk at night and not freeze

Trees that will soon crumble and covered with snow

Hanging out with friends in the park


Joyful children in the fields

A majority of us in the summer time to go on vacation in tropical countries

Someone was interesting excursions

Some sunning in a special

Banana, which is now deflated in a thread barn until the next summer


The elephant, the elephant just

Standard view tourist

Standard view of who profited from tourists


Someone frolicked on the beach

Other annealed in clubs

Swam in the pool

Swam in the sea

Played stones


Still basking in the sun

Who else could

Catch a wave

Loved pets

Resting in the garden

And now we're sitting in the offices and in anticipation of the arrival of merznu

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