Why Catholics and Orthodox crosses different?

Although the people who go to church every Sunday, becoming smaller, the majority still considers himself, if not to the religious, the faithful.

I do not want to go deep into the maze of religion, so that God forbid, not to offend the feelings of people deeply religious, but today we decided to raise the issue, which seemed interesting to us. To be honest, not all of our editors knew the answer to this question.

So why still Orthodox crosses from right to left and left to right Catholics


So, Catholics until 1570 were allowed to be baptized as a right to left and left to right. But then Pope Pius V insisted to do it from left to right and nothing else. "Blessed himself ... makes the cross from forehead to breast and from the left shoulder to the right", - said the great messenger of God

. The fact is that when you pereschaesh hands so sign of the cross, according to Christian symbolism, comes from a man who turns to God. And when you move from right to left hand -. Coming from God, who blesses human

Note: not for nothing that Orthodox and Catholic priests crisscross the others left to right (looking away from you). It is a kind gesture of blessing.

Also, what is interesting is that the movement of the hand from left to right means the transition from sin to salvation, because the left side of Christianity associated with the devil's power, and the right - to the divine. A sign of the cross while moving from right to left hand is treated as a divine victory over the devil.

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