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Many situations in life when you have to watch the injustice and regret that there is no way to fix what he saw. Each at-least once in their lives becomes an eyewitness to extortion, traffic violations or crimes law. Having on hand the right spy gadget that is much easier to prove their case and punish the guilty. These tools are indispensable and in other cases when you need to get sensitive information, or to follow the person, for example, car

The Wire and tracking

. In today's world of spyware technologies are widely used. The most demanded bugs, hidden cameras and so-called beacons, allowing to determine the location of the object. With the help of you can find bugs are talking about your family, staff and companions in your absence. We just need to put a device discreetly in closer to the object wiretapping. Bugs latest models, successfully disguised as an ashtray, USB flash drive, or other items, greatly facilitate this task.

If in addition to the audio recording and video recording of still needed, can be installed in a room hidden http://columbo77.ru/ mini-camera. This solution allows, for example, to monitor the house while staying away. Hidden cameras in the house often set and the children's parents to supervise the work of the nurse or other staff. Secure the child outside the home to provide easy, placing his things gps-lighthouse, fixing the location of the child at any time. These beacons are also used as anti-theft device for cars.

To counter the attacks schpionskim created special mufflers, blocking cellular communication, radio and gps-devices. Spy gadgets are used in education. Among students of popular electronic watches and pens for the exam with vanishing paste. Fortunately, all these gadgets are sold in the public domain in COLUMBO (http://columbo77.ru/) online store where you can order them at an affordable price with shipping to any region.


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