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As I said, citizens and comrades, I live on the third floor. And the place we have here, quite frankly, in terms of fish all sorts of animals. About any type of exotic wild boar I have here already reported back. But at the same time we've got dofiga cats and dogs. I understand that photos of cats nonche no surprise. That is, if the cat just hodyut, myavkayut and screaming heart-rending voice. But if these same cats play a novel - it is worthy of review. Thus, the novel-comic in Pictures "Lolita and Humbert Humbert." All roles are performed cats. And cats, clear the stump. I wake up one morning, and under my bedroom window distinct rustling. Constant under my window there is a pristupochka on which all sorts of cats usually bask in the sun. I got out to see who it was rustling and saw the following picture:


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