10 Socio networks for communication in foreign languages

Though we have to memorize words and grammatical rules is still important in the study of foreign languages ​​- is practice. Theory only basic information, and the rest is acquired in the course of direct communication. And friends to find this same communication, it turns out, very easily.

Website has compiled a list of special social network for language practice.

Interpals - convenient social network to find a pen pal. No assignments, tests, levels and limitations. The choice of languages ​​is unlimited: it recorded the representatives of virtually all countries of the world

Italki - everything is clear and understandable at this site.. Looking for free language partner? - One section. I need a paid tutor? - Another section. It is necessary to ask a question? - B, please forum. Want to chat? - Here's a catalog with thematic microcommunity in many different languages. Welcome

Lang-8 - a standard resource for communicating with native speakers on the principle "you me - I told you." There is also a well-developed practice spelling test carriers. You can find friends to improve conversational skills in English and help somebody to study Russian, correcting errors in the letter. . Presented more than 90 languages ​​

My Language Exchange - perfect service to search for a pen pal. By registering on the website, you describe their "ideal partner for language":.. His language, country, gender, age, interests, etc. Then simply choose the pleasant and suitable to the interlocutor and shlifuete its French, German, etc. Presented by.. 115 languages, including major European and Asian, as well as all sorts of word games and library

My Happy Planet -. another useful website to find native speakers in other countries, as well as a good library of video lessons from the participants. You can replenish your own resource materials

Tandemapp -. Network exists only in the form of a mobile application that makes communication even more convenient. At the moment, access English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese languages ​​

HelloTalk -. Another mobile application. There are more than 100 languages. You can find your friends on the geographic location - eg foreigners in your city

Easy Language Exchange -. Relatively new resource for language exchange among foreigners. about 100,000 people are currently registered, about 1,000 of them - the English-speaking media wishing to practice Russian

English, Baby.! - Feature of social networks is that it is created for fans of British and American English for the fans. There is also a themed audio, grammar theory, the task for the TOEFL and even a special section for teachers of English

Ling -. The social network designed for people with any level of knowledge language. The emphasis is not on grammar, and vocabulary and free communication. All the learned words can be saved in your profile, and for a paid account (from 400 to 1600 rubles per month) and export your dictionary to the computer. There is also a free version, but with limited functionality.

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