9 domestic celebrities who Tummy gone only benefit

Examples creepy celebrity transformations with the help of plastic materials on the Internet a dime a dozen! In order not to part with the youth, the stars go to unimaginable sacrifices. As a result, become the laughing stock of others.

However, it happens in a different way: the dealer position a celebrity suddenly appears in public as if born anew - with a fresh and rejuvenated face and radically new way

. We find such examples among local celebrities. This 9 Russian star, who pleasantly surprised their fans by changes in physical appearance.

Natasha Koroleva

Oleg Gazmanov

Elena Vaenga

Love Assumption


Alla Pugacheva

Hope Babkin

As for me, this star beauty treatments went only benefit. And how do you feel about this kind of anti-aging practice?


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