7 tricks to help you look great in photos

Many believe that it is absolutely not photogenic, so hiding from the camera. But often the cause of bad shots are just errors in posturing. The site publishes a few simple tricks to help you look your most impressive photos.

1. Find a good view h2> «Almost all the people face asymmetric. Therefore it is necessary to determine for themselves the so-called better, "- says a London photographer John Godwin, who also participated in the experiment. Decide for yourself which side of the person you like the most and turn to the camera it is.

2. Adjust squint h2> «Normally, photographing, I try to look friendly, raising his eyebrows. But John is confident that it gives my eyes a little surprised and even frightened, "- says Samantha.
Celebrities Angelina Jolie, Drew Barrymore, Sharon Stone and other stars have resorted to a little trick - squints slightly to give a more convincing and careful look.

3. Do not overdo it with a smile h2> The authors of the experiment is too great smile can turn out unnatural, besides, it is not for everyone. Restrained, easy smile makes a person more pleasant and not accentuate wrinkles.

4. Follow cheeks h2> To visually reduce the amount of persons, according to John Godwin enough to do two simple things: "We need to turn to the camera his" best "side at an angle of about 30 degrees and at the same time press the tip of the tongue to the palate. So you will be able to visually narrow face ».

5. Do not pout h2> Lips "duck" not only decorate, but even mutilated face. You can easily pull your lips, if you want someone to kiss, but do not pull them.

6. Look at the camera from bottom to top h2> «If a person will be a little below the camera, you get what you are looking slightly upwards, as if stretching his neck. This position will make a better picture. And vice versa - if you are hovering above the chamber, his face turn more aggressive and less attractive, "- advises the photographer.

7. Lift the chin h2> In order to raise the profile photo to his chin, turned to face more expressive. This trick will help to visually lengthen the neck and cheeks already do.

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