Hugh Glass: the incredible story of survival.

This incredible story happened in 1823.
It began with the American pioneer and fur trader named Hugh Glass went to pick berries, and landed in the clutches of the bear-grizzly. Who does not know this huge enraged monster weighing five hundred kilos of commercials with sharp fangs and long (about 15 centimeters) claws. And at the disposal of the Glass was one small knife.
An ordinary man in this situation was to be hoped only for a quick death. But our hero was a man far from ordinary. So he wild cries joined the battle and won the same beast. When the screams came running mates Glass, it was all over.
However, himself a winner was barely alive - with one leg and several ribs broken, the whole body is bleeding, and on his neck huge wound, which at every breath something squished and bubbles. In general, it was clear that our brave hero is not a tenant.
The detachment had to move on, pull a dying did not make sense, but also throw other to fend for themselves, they too could not. Therefore, it was decided to leave to Glass and his associates two volunteers who had to wait for his death and burial, as it should.
Volunteers John Fitzgerald and Jim Bridger dug a grave and honestly cared for Glass and his associates for two days, hoping that he was going to give tips. In the end, their patience ran out, they decided to throw in the dying grave and catch up on the rest until they have gone too far. So they did, taking ruzhё, gun, knife, and all other assets Glass.

For the average person to survive in such a situation would be unthinkable. But Glass, as we recall, was not "an ordinary man».

Rest in bed, he came to himself, somehow pulled his broken body from the grave, clean the wound as far as possible, the fixed leg of adapting to it and stick ... crawled, heated passionate desire to survive and avenge Fitzgerald and Bridger.

The nearest town was Fort Kiowa, and before him was more than 300 kilometers. Return the Glass and crawling, eating berries, roots, rotting corpses of animals and even snakes, which get in his way.

But our story does not end on this, and the incredible trials over the poor Hugh continued. He crawled to six weeks in a row and miraculously crawled to the Cheyenne River, which flows about 160 kilometers from his "grave". Here he was found hunting in these places Sioux.

In fact, the Indians could easily be removed from the scalp of white-faced, but they are so impressed by the fortitude and courage of Glass, that they came out of his, helped to build a raft and sent to Fort Kiowa on the water. There our hero hoped to find Fitzgerald and Bridger to deal with them for treason and return his beloved rifle.

Forte Glass arrived without incident and had found there its really traitors. When I tracked down ... just. However, after having received their property back.


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