35 photos of strange, surprised us in 2015

Farewell, 2015 th! It is regrettable, but it is time to leave. However, not very much and sorry - no matter how beautiful was not the past, the future is definitely beautiful - in fact he devoted all our hopes, dreams and plans. < Website offers a selection of photos that drew the attention this year. Looking at these pictures, we say goodbye to 2015 m crazy and waiting for change!

1. Elvis impersonator on the European Convention Elvis impersonator, held in Birmingham, England, in January h3>

2. During the fifth annual campaign "Ride the subway without pants," January 11, 2015 h3>

3. Walruses swim in the waters of the Yangtze River in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, in January 2015 h3>

4. The International Festival of Masquerade Games in Pernik, Bulgaria, every year gathers a lot of tourists from Europe, Asia and Africa. Photo: People dancing in the Bulgarian ritual suit of fur animals called "Kuker» h3>

5. 3800 couples were married during a mass wedding ceremony of the annual pursued by the Unification Church in South Korea h3>

6. Japanese Cats "Cat Island" Aoshima, where each inhabitant six cats h3>

7. She covered her face with a mask of the welder to see the solar eclipse. England, 2015 h3>

8. Strange bathing cap on the British Swimming Championships. England, 2105 h3>

9. Lady saddled horse during the "Day Lady" in the UK h3>

10. In Nanning, China, the owner of the house refused to give him compensation for demolition of the house and had to leave h3>

11. During crying baby contest held in Tokyo, two wrestlers holding their crying babies who need to shout to each other h3>

12. Match "Football in a bubble," Medellin, Colombia h3>

13. Magician Magician Xin Lei held a rally to remind young people about the benefits of the traditional love relationships. China, 2015 h3>

14. Airline All Nippon Airways carries Master Yoda from Singapore h3>

15. The test device simulation fly to Zurich museum. With this simulator, you can take a virtual flight over New York h3>

16. Holiday Blessing of animals at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Manhattan, New York h3>

17. Balloons with the portraits of the leaders of the Group of Seven at the international summit in Germany h3>

18. A month was spent on the creation of more than 150 sculptures based on the movie Marvel, Star Wars, Disney and Pixar. Above the sculptures of 30 artists worked. Belgium, 2015 h3>

19. Wedding Boutique in New York City every year holds a competition for the best wedding dress out of toilet paper. The prize - $ 10 000 h3>

20. Einstein on the largest meeting in the history of Einsteins. Los Angeles, USA, 2015 h3>


21. 32-year-old polar bear Caesar relaxes with watermelon in the zoo in Belgrade, Serbia h3>

22. The annual World Santa Claus Congress in Copenhagen in July this year h3>

23. Seashore in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China, is covered with algae, but for children it seems, does not prevent h3>

24. Daily kiss: this cow from a farm in Quebec, Canada, and a kitten - best friends h3>

25. Sand in Siwa, Egypt is considered to be curative. They treat rheumatism, joint pain and even impotence. The man in the photo takes a sand bath h3>

26. About forty people dressed in colorful costumes, symbolize the art at the annual festival of street art and theater in Bat Yam, Israel h3>

27. Frenchman Guillaume Rolland attempts to break the world record for walking on a tightrope, Switzerland, 2015 h3>

28. Man's best friend and competitor canine surfing in Huntington Beach, California, USA h3>

29. 29-year-old Chinese Shi Sonbo built his own airship. The operation took 47 187 dollars and four months of time h3>

30. Headless Spanish guy walking in Halloween h3>

31. Remote-controlled flying witch, Encinitas, California, USA h3>

32. Strange cafe in central Moscow offers visitors stay on giant toilets h3>

33. Beluga "kisses" his coach at the end of the speech h3>

34. Chinese svinozavodchik rolled at one of its pitomitsy during an interview h3>

35. The robots, designed for catering, have found a new job! They now provide services to brides during weddings h3>

via www.businessinsider.com/the-strangest-photos-of-2015-2015-12


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